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Silver Colloid particles 50ppm (not silver ions). A powerful, natural anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. Lab tested in Australia.


 Suggested uses;

  • To sanitise water add 10mL for every litre of water, silver colloid does not dry out your skin, and is non-sticky.
  • Use in your bath (1tblesp) or spa (do not use with salts or chlorine) for a gentle anti-bacterial soak.
  • Add a few drops to your ultrasonic diffuser, to sanitise air and nearby surfaces. Silver colloid will also neutralise unwanted odours.
  • Silver colloid can be used generally to clean surfaces.
  • Can use diluted (a few drops in half a glass of water) as an antibacterial mouth wash, or mouth spray (a few pumps if spray bottle).


Colloidal silver available in 1 litre or 500 mL pump, 125 mL, or 50 mL or 20 mL spray.


Australian made from local, and imported ingredients. Topical.

Silver Colloid 125 mL

SKU: SC125
  • Demineralised water, nanosilver particles 50ppm.

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