This all natural, hypoallergenic anti-bacterial hand solution maintains your skin's natural oils, leaving your hands soft and clean. Another benefit of this product is that it leaves a residual silver film on your skin to protect against bacteria for hours after use.


The Gold and Silver particles (not ions) used in this product are 99.9% pure.


Enjoy the many reputed natural benefits of Gold Colloid and Silver Colloid (particles not ions). Our Silver & Gold Colloid products give you the best of both worlds. Colloidal gold is thought to aid nerve transmission and boost poor energy levels. Improves mood.Gold Colloid may support healthy brain function, memory, concentration, mental focus and is thought to assist stiff or uncomfortable joints.

Hand Sanitiser Silver & Gold 500ml & 50ml combo pack

  • Water, Gold Colloid AuNP, Silver Colloid AgNP.