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Less is More

Lemon Detox


Clean surfaces such as benchtops and use Silver Colloid to spray onto the surface. Allow to dry. The nanosilver particles that are left on the surface will combat bacteria that comes into contact with the surface.

                Food prep

more info to come


more info to come


Add 1 litre to a standard 8 seat spa to combat bacteria in the water. Not to be used in conjunction with chlorine but instead of chlorine. When refilling a spa there is usually chlorine added to town water. If using town water, allow 3 days for the chlorine to reduce in the water before adding the Silver Colloid.

Humidifier & Diffuser

Adding silver colloid to humiudifiers and diffusers can attack bacteria in the air. This can reduce the spread of colds and flu. It can also aid in breathing conditions such as asthma and emphysema.