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There are many ways to decrease our chances of getting sick. We do this in our everyday lives by washing our hands and keeping areas clean that we are in contact with.


Colds and FLU: At the first sign of colds or flu take 5ml of Silver Colloid 30ppm 6 times per day. Using a nasal spray, you can also spray Silver Colloid 30ppm directly in the nose to fight bacteria causing a runny nose/nasal infection 10 times per day.

Gastro/Vomiting: Take 10ml every hour until symptoms subside.

Sore throat and tonsillitis: Gargle with 10 ml of Silver Colloid 30ppm 6 times per day.

Chest infections: Add Silver Colloid 30ppm to water in a humidifier or nebulizer at a 50/50 ratio. Breathing in the silver particles will attack the bacteria in the lungs.

Eye Infections or Dry Eye: Put 2 drops into your eyes 6 times per day.

Douches & Enemas: Add 5ml of Silver Colloid 30ppm to 50ml of water in a douche or enema. This will aid in the recovery of vaginal & yeast infections as well as conditions such as cystitis and bowel infections.

Bad Breath, Gum infections, mouth ulcers: Spray Silver Colloid 30ppm in the mouth 6 times per day.


Add 1 pump or 2 sprays of Silver Colloid 30ppm to your bottle of water to drink throughout the day.

Washing hands

Our Hand and Body Wash contains Silver Particles. The residual silver that is left on the skin after handwashing will help protect from bacteria that you will come in contact with.