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In 2008 Silver Health began as Australia’s own manufacturer of True Silver Colloid.


Silver Colloid types:

(Colloid means particles dispersed or suspended in another substance)

*Ionic Silver Colloid – This can be made at home with a method of electrolysis and produces ionic silver. This is not an actual colloid and has little benefit to use against bacteria internally. Ionic Silver is a clear liquid. The concentration of silver salts in Ionic Silver can be difficult to test. Overexposure to silver salts can cause Argyria, a blue colouring of the skin, although highly unlikely in retail products.

*True Silver Colloid – which is the type manufactured by Silver Health, is made from nanosilver particles. True Silver Colloid is a yellow clear liquid and CANNOT cause Argyria.

The silver particles used by Silver Health are listed with the FDA (USA) and TGA (Australia).


Silver is acknowledged in science as being a powerful antibacterial and antifungal which has been used in the medical field for many years. There are thousands of studies and research papers looking at identifying the 600+ bacteria, fungi and virus’ that silver kills.

The uses for silver are many and varied. The biggest industry users are pharmaceutical, cosmetics and water purification.

Some examples include:

Coating of catheters and surgical equipment

Treatment of burns

Incorporation into sportswear

Applied to medical and dental implants

Water filtration systems

Food preparation equipment

Kitchen appliances


Silver Colloid can be used as a multipurpose antibacterial and anti-fungal. Used topically it can aid in the healing of cuts, psoriasis, burns, dermatitis, acne, tinea, conjunctivitis, cellulitis & abrasions. Silver Colloid can also be used to fight gastro, food poisoning, UTI’s, bladder infections, chest infections & gingivitis. Silver Colloid has not been found to negatively interact with other medication.  

The key benefit to Silver and the reason for its reapplication to many industries is that it does not allow bacteria to develop resistance due to the way bacteria is attacked. Unlike antibiotics, preventing superbugs developing whilst also attacking them after they developed from previous ineffective treatments.

Antibiotics are not invested in as they have been previously, due to the rate they are becoming ineffective. The Pharmaceutical companies are not gaining a return on their investment as they once were. We need to reduce the use of antibiotics to ensure their ongoing viability and lower the rate of antibiotic resistant bacteria. There are also many people suffering from life threatening illnesses that require strong antibiotics to survive, such as pneumonia, meningitis and immune deficiency disorders we really do need to reduce antibiotic use.

Antibacterial – Once a surface (benchtop, skin, surgical equipment, etc) has had silver colloid applied, the surface will dry. The residual silver that remains on the surface will continue to protect it from the growth of bacteria.