What people are saying... The following testimonials are from emails we have received from clients, last names have been with-held with respect for privacy.

Karin, Dec '20


Healing through Silver Health Products

My severe and complex health issues have puzzled doctors and specialists since I am a child. Step by step we figured out more and more what was going on with me. 


I have immune system problems (for example no Immunoglobulin A), extremely sensitive and vulnerable skin and mucous membranes, and countless amounts of severe to life-threatening allergies.


Silver health products enabled me to figure out the worst and most incredible reaction; the numbing effect on my brain due to certain bacteria (found also on my skin and in my sweat). For years I could not think clearly anymore, only when inside the ocean (due to the saltwater killing and washing off the reaction causing bacteria) - until the day I used colloidal silver body wash!


After taking a shower with colloidal silver body wash, I suddenly could think clearly again. My healing started and I continued to discover how I could get rid off harmful bacteria with these products which didn’t cause side effects like other antibacterials/antifungal products. I observed how Aloe Vera Gel from Silver Health healed my skin and how I could spray colloidal silver in my ears to stop the reoccurring ear infections and in my airways as soon as I felt a problem arise.


The products have changed my life and gave me back my ability to think and take charge to find solutions. I managed to participate in a film documenting my health challenge and how surfing and the ocean help me survive.


You can check out the trailer and more information on this website



Medina, May '19

Once again you have come to the rescue with this amazing product! The way it doesn't irritate the skin, even on broken skin, is a miracle.


There are so many people out there suffering every day with all sorts of skin problems, if only they tried this product, they would see and feel such a difference.

Thank you once again for producing a superior product, a lifesaver!!  I try to convince as many people as possible to use your products.


It’s a fantastic product!! 5-star review from me!

Josie, Oct '19

I’ve bought your products for years and love them!

I just wanted to share a testimonial I had for my daughter using travellers concentrate silver. She had a chronic long-standing infection on her feet, it didn’t get better or go away on Dr’s prescribed fungal cream, cortisone reduced for a short time but it came back. This went in for over a year. I even tried a homeopathic cream for animal foot rot. I prayed about it being a Christian and I heard the word ‘silver’… well, I told my daughter to spray and rub in twice a day, it took two weeks and it was all gone. Incredible! She was over the moon as it caused her many tears and embarrassment. So thank you immensely Silver Health for creating this ‘liquid gold’!!!

Jenny, Nov '17

I have been using Silver Health products for at least 3 years and have had wonderful results for many health issues. The Silver Colloid is brilliant for eliminating eye infections such as conjunctivitis and is very gentle, with no stinging, as is the case with some other brands.


The Colloidal Silver Body Wash and Aloe Vera Gel with Silver has been great for my skin. I also use the body wash on my hair and it leaves it very soft. The Aloe Vera Gel with Silver is terrific after shaving my legs, to prevent infections.


I have been battling a resistant Staph infection on my skin for over 5 years and have tried many different products with limited success. The Traveller's Concentrate is incredibly effective for annihilating pimples and preventing spreading and breakouts. I use it full strength and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone else who is suffering from this horrible disease.

Martin, Feb '16

Let me start by expressing my sincere gratitude to you for your product Antibacterial True Silver Colloid. Both my partner and I are nurses as well as carers for an elderly relative with advanced dementia receiving home care. She suffers from double incontinence and needs to receive lots of fluids to prevent the constant threat of urinary tract infections.


Over the years we tried many preventative measures both prescribed drugs, cranberry

juice, and extract, as well as other naturopathic remedies. However, none of these come close to the antibacterial potency of True SilverColloid. Only since switching to True Silver Colloid, upon reading naturopathic literature a couple of years ago, have we been able to reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the recurrence of urinary tract infections. 


Since receiving True Silver Colloid sprayed topically onto the urogenital area and taken internally dissolved in water instead of cranberry juice there was not one remarkable occurrence of urinary tract infection. I am not an expert on colloidal silver but clearly experience first hand that Silver Health's silver particles are the real reason behind the considerable, sustained improvement in our elder relative's health and well-being.