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Silver colloid, gold colloid, creams, washes, organic aloe vera. Gentle on skin, fragrance free and essential oil blends.

White Cream

Organic Aloe Vera with Silver & Gold Colloid. Use as a daily face mask, and on skin after shaving.

The wash range offers an unrivalled combination of powerful antibacterial cleanliness as it refreshes your skin. Suitable to use on all skin types (dry, itchy or sensitive skin) on the face, hands and body. Our silky smooth formula is available in tea tree, lemon, lime and orange, fresh peppermint or unscented for our most gentle of washes. It's ideal for shaving. Our fragrance free wash is particularly effective in relieving dry, itchy skin and can also be used as a (gentle on scalp) shampoo.

Our hand/body cream provides everyday protection suitable for all skin types. We also produce a luxurious, skin conditioning, anti-ageing silver and gold face cream.

Pure, natural goodness, only high quality particle Silver & Gold Colloids are used in our products. Our washes use high grade essential oils, and the Aloe Vera is organic. Our products are free from parabens and SLS.

Silver Health Silver Colloid 50ppm is anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. Lab tested in Australia. Suggested uses; To sanitise water add 10mL for every litre of water. Use in your bath or spa (1tablespoon - *do not use with salts or chlorine) for an anti-bacterial soak, silver colloid does not dry out your skin. Add a few drops of silver to your ultrasonic diffuser, to sanitise air and nearby surfaces. It will also neutralise unwanted odours. Silver colloid can be used generally to clean surfaces. Can use diluted (a few drops in half a glass of water) as an antibacterial mouth wash, or mouth spray (a few pumps if spray bottle).

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Silver colloid has proven powerful, natural anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.

Lab tested in Australia. Australian Made.


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